About Me

I am an ACE certified Personal Trainer with a passion for fitness and a heart for women. I came about personal training in a non-traditional sense; meaning that I wasn’t a super-athlete in high school or college. My mom was a personal trainer and my dad taught fitness classes, so I was sort of brought up in the gym environment. I decided to fancy my artsy side and pursue a career in Interior Design, so I moved to Chicago and earned my BFA at the Illinois Institute of Art. As a college student, however, I couldn’t afford a gym, so I started running and I loved seeing myself break my own records and achieve fitness goals! That turned me onto racing, which I continued after I moved to Seattle, and have done distances from 5ks to 1/2 Marathons (Nike Women’s) and sprint triathlons (Danskin). Racing was great, but I missed weight training, so I began incorporating circuit training workouts for intense, efficient, and most importantly, effective workouts that build muscle AND keep my heart racing. I came to the decision that I’d rather be working with people, helping them stay healthy and fit, which can be a struggle for all of us at times. As women especially we tend to have a lot on our plates and diet and exercise often take a back seat. Learning to love our bodies as strong, beautiful gifts is vital to success in all areas of life; if we don’t take care of ourselves, it catches up with us fast. I truly enjoy teaching, encouraging and walking alongside women at all stages of fitness, and I am excited about helping others incorporate fitness and nutrition into their lives in a way that is manageable and sustainable – oh yeah, and fun! There is no feeling more rewarding that seeing someone accomplish a goal, SO, what are you waiting for?


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