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24 Day Challenge: Day 2

10 Oct

I’m feeling really good.  Granted I just drank a Spark, and I’m feeling really good w/ the caffeine and amino acids racing through my system giving me all kinds of focus and awesomeness 😉

But seriously, the Fiber Drink takes some getting used to, but it, in combination with the evening Herbal Cleanse Pills make all the  getting rid of toxins much more gentle than I was expecting.

Roxie and I weighed and measured yesterday, but I forgot to take ‘before’ photos, so we’ll have to do that today.  I may have gone a little crazy before the cleanse, so I was up a couple pounds from my last weight, but oh well…

I’m really excited to possibly become an advisor with AdvoCare, which means I have sold a certain volume of the stuff, but I get a higher discount and I can’t regress from that – ever!  So, not trying to be salesy, but if you’re interested or curious, I’d love to chat with you and/or give you a Spark to make you fall in love 😉

Until next time…